MTI proudly boasts a full, three-year, Bais Medrash program. The Bais Medrash Bochurim are friends, Chavrusos, and role models to the high school students. This benefits both the Bais Medrash Bochurim and the students, adding immeasurably to the success of our Mesivta.


Led by Rabbi Avroham Goldman and Rabbi Shmuel Wasser, the Bochurim learn Gemara 3 Sedarim a day, in addition to a daily Shiur and daily sedorim in Halacha, Mussar and weekly Shmuessin.


The Bochurim also run the JEP program for local public school students as well as the Achim (at home, internet shmira incentive) and Big Brother programs for the High School.


The Bais Medrash program is accredited by AARTS, thru the Rabbinical Seminary of America, and allows the Bochurim to earn college credits while learning in Yeshiva.