Our Faculty

MTI’s faculty is comprised of remarkable Rebbeim who are talmidei chachomim and Torah leaders in character and in knowledge; they are well versed and trained in chinuch and committed to the guiding educational philosophy of the Yeshiva. Our rebbeim are young and vibrant, warm and approachable, and work with sincere dedication to help each student succeed. Their proficiency in the material, combined with their sense of mission in helping build tomorrow's leaders of Klal Yisroel, make them truly exceptional. Our staff strives to create a healthy balance between structure and personal space, which we believe is the key to success in the adolescent years. The understanding and acceptance they show the talmidim fosters a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Rabbi Josh Bregman | Director of DevelopmentPh: 636-778-1896 x 108 | 
Mrs. Eeta Bermanski | Media & CommunicationsPh: 636-778-1896 x 114 | 
Mrs. Ditza Friedman | Business Office | Ph: 636-778-1896 x 110 |
Mrs. Debbie Graff | Office ManagerPh: 636-778-1896 x 100 |
Mrs. Dena Love | Food Service Manager | Ph: 636-778-1896 x 113 | 
Mr. Dovid Love | Campus AdministratorPh: 636-778-1896 x 111 | 
Mrs. Angela Tannenbaum | High School Office | Ph: 636-778-1896 x 104 |