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If you would like to learn about our High School or Bais Medrash program, please request our information packet  here  . We look forward to hearing from you! 

Inquire About our School

We invite you to apply to Missouri Torah Institute, online, here! . For any questions, please contact Rabbi Dovid Fromowitz at (636) 778-1896 x101. There is no fee to apply.


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Exciting 8th Grade Shabbaton for prospective students - February 6-9, 2020  

Special guest accomodations wing on campus! Join the entire mesivta and bais medrash for a memorable and informative shabbaton!

The Shabbaton is only for students, but parents dropping off their sons can visit the yeshiva on Thursday, February 6th between the hours of 10:15 AM- 6:30 PM. To inquire about additional times that parents can visit, please click            .

There is no fee to attend the Shabbaton.

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