Dear Parents,


As you look ahead to the next stage of your son’s education, we would like you to consider our Yeshiva in St. Louis. Missouri Torah Institute has experienced tremendous Siyata Dishmaya as a thriving high school with an exceptional Beis Medresh program.


Our mission is to strive to create Bnei Torah. Our engaging Shiurim encourage the Talmidim to think, probe and learn how to learn. We promote academic excellence with a strong emphasis on Middos and character development. The congenial atmosphere of the Yeshiva provides a positive and happy environment that empowers the students to reach their goals.


The Yeshiva’s intensive Limudei Kodesh curriculum is complemented by a strong, accredited General Studies Department. Our dedicated, certified staff enable the students to become proficient in all academic subjects. We offer interactive classes, stimulating electives and a wide variety of exciting extra-curricular activities that help develop individual skills and talents.


MTI is located in a beautiful out-of-town community that is warm, safe and away from distractions. Our expansive campus offers the space, comfort and accommodations suitable for an optimal learning environment.


I invite you to contact me for more information.



Rabbi Dovid Fromowitz,

Rosh Yeshiva