Once you have received your acceptance email or letter, you are now ready to enroll. Please click on the TADS Admissions & Enrollment tab below and use your TADS account to begin your enrollment for the upcoming school year. A tuition agreement will only be sent to you once your enrollment has been finalized. 





Missouri Torah Institute provides financial aid to families of students attending the Yeshiva, entirely based on demonstrated financial need. All applications are processed through TADS Financial Aid and are reviewed by our Tuition Committee. The Committee recognizes the sensitivity and importance of this process and works diligently to make the proper determinations. Please click on the TADS Financial Aid tab to begin you application.





All tuition agreements and payment plans are processed through TADS Tuition Management. Once you have been notified of a pending tuition agreement, please click on the TADS Tuition Management tab, to finalize your agreement and choose a payment method/plan.  

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