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Dinner Journal

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Fourteenth Annual Dinner


Hachnasas Sefer Torah


Sunday Afternoon

June 6, 2021 -  כ"ו סיון תשפ"א


Letter Writing Ceremony
Sefer Torah Procession                          
Tribute & Remarks

Refreshments & Hors D’oeuvres
VIP Dinner | סעודת מצוה

Dinner Chairmen

Charles Deutsch | Dr. Craig Reiss | Stuart Rosenblum

At the Yeshiva Campus

1809 Clarkson Road | Chesterfield, MO 63017


Sefer Torah

in memory of

Shlomo & Marsha Fredman a"h 

Shlomo & Marsha Fredman a"h were pioneers in the St. Louis Jewish community. Throughout their lives, they worked to build a strong and lasting Jewish community here in Chesterfield and throughout St. Louis. They did this work both outwardly, serving on the boards of many essential community organizations and institutions, and, when warranted, discreetly, giving where needed without recognition or notice. They were unrelentingly devoted to Jewish education and tzarchei tzibbur, giving not only money but time, energy, and passion to ensure that community institutions would have what they needed. In this they took their cues from their rabbanim and were especially close to Rabbi Aaron Winter, zt”l, morah d’asra of their beloved shul, TICK.

The yeshiva benefited greatly from the Fredmans’ early and continuous support. They enjoyed hosting MTI talmidim for Shabbos meals and were enthusiastic donors, always willing to provide what was necessary which, as the yeshiva grew, even included furniture for the yeshiva dorms. This was done without fanfare or attribution, simply because it was what was needed in that moment to support a community institution. And it was always done in emulation of Hashem’s middah of gozer umekayem: when the Fredmans said they would do something, they promptly followed through.

The Fredmans’ commitment to tzedakah and community-building is evident in their children and grandchildren, who remain dedicated to tzarchei tzibbur, leading and supporting Jewish communities here in St. Louis and across the country. The Fredmans found great fulfillment in giving new and restored sifrei Torah to their beloved shul, and, in donating a sefer Torah to the yeshiva in memory of Marsha and Shlomo, their family is carrying on this worthy legacy. This great mitzvah should be a zechus for their neshamos.

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