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Our Approach

Our approach to chinuch is rooted in the mesorah of our rebbeim and the Torah understanding that people develop to their maximum potential when three main areas of their total well-being are engaged:





by providing stimulating shiurim which challenge each talmid to fully engage in limud haTorah, along with a strong secular studies program for maximum intellectual involvement;



by creating a positive culture and happy environment, encouraging self-awareness, ensuring a balance between structure and space and providing creative energy outlets; 



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through warm, relatable rebbeim who engage and encourage growth in ruchnius and yiras shomayim through limud haTorah, as well as a love for yahadus and Klal Yisroel.

Our school operates upon the Torah understanding that self-knowledge and self-respect fuel achievement and satisfaction. When a person is in tune with his strengths – and also his challenges – it provides him with his best possible advantage to excel in key areas, and to address and overcome challenges with the greatest confidence. Growth in this way can only occur when a person feels comfortable and secure in his environment. Our expert rebbeim and faculty are uniquely qualified to help our students gain self-knowledge and self-respect, and to provide them with the right balance of structure and space for this process to succeed.

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