Bais Medrash Program

The incredible growth that MTI Bais Medrash bochurim experience is made possible by our strong emphasis on Rebbi-talmid relationships, as well as a focus on middos through mussar sedarim, shmuessen and vaadim. Our bochurim are also given leadership opportunities such as running the JEP program for local public school students, in addition to the Achim Program and Big Brother programs for the MTI mesivta. The Bais Medrash program is accredited by AARTS, through the Rabbinical Seminary of America, and allows bochurim to earn college credits while learning in yeshiva.

Summer Zman/Kollel in Los Angeles

Missouri Torah Institute’s Bais Medrash bochurim venture to Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley community each summer in a unique and meaningful experience called “Summer Zman/Kollel in LA”. Hosted by local, gracious families, about 25 talmidim together with the Roshei HaYeshiva convene in Southern California to learn in a variety of settings, and mosdos with teens and baalebatim. The goal is to join and beautify the Torah learning for four weeks in a community outside of St. Louis in this invigorating and spirited way to conclude their year.

MTI’s Bais Medrash program is a nationally renowned post-mesivta opportunity. With success in developing Bnei Torah with wonderful middos, accustomed to the rigor of in-depth learning, our bochurim are set to succeed in a Torahdig life. The goals we set with our talmidim for learning, personal growth and ruchnius are lifelong, and allow them to become people who will be giving and loving husbands and fathers, with a strong commitment to limud hatorah for as long as possible, as well as a sense of achrayus to the Klal.