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Missouri Torah Institute’s primary goal is the development of bnei Torah through limud haTorah b'iyun, limud hamussar, a long term meaningful rebbe-talmid relationship and an achrayus for klal yisrael

Our alumni exemplify middos tovos and derech eretz and live their lives as bnei Torah, whether pursuing a job in chinuch and harbotzas haTorah or a professional career

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Our rebbeim are vibrant, warm and approachable, and work with sincere dedication to help each student succeed. They are talmidei chachomim who are Torah leaders in character and in knowledge, and are well versed and trained in chinuch. Their sense of mission in helping build tomorrow’s leaders of Klal Yisroel makes each rebbe truly exceptional. The understanding and acceptance they show the bochurim fosters a strong kesher with a relationship of mutual trust and respect.



Interactive shiurim and chavrusa learning guide talmidim as they delve deeply to gain clarity and a profound understanding of the gemara. Critical thinking skills are developed through this process of in-depth learning.


Shiurim and chavrusa learning expose talmidim to a breadth of gemara learning at a faster pace while developing reading skills to make a leining.


The focus is the study of mishna berura with the goal of talmidim amassing knowledge in practical halacha for everyday life. Talmidim learn how to independently learn and understand the halacha from the study of the text.

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Daily mussar study through shiurim and chavrusa learning focuses on the study of the classic mussar sefarim and their applications. Additionally, a weekly shmuess and chazaras hashmuess assist talmidim in developing analytical skills by delving into mussar lessons gleaned from select ma’marei chazal. 

Mussar vaadim focus on practical application and guidance through delving into mussar subjects. Guest speakers share their knowledge with talmidim on important topics.


Our bais medrash is comprised of a group of exceptional young men who have created close-knit bonds in the warm and welcoming environment of the yeshiva.


Achdus is developed as the bochurim form meaningful relationships while encouraging and supporting each other.

On out-shabbosim, one can choose to spend shabbos at home, visit friends, or stay in the dorm.


In addition, groups of talmidim are afforded the opportunity to inspire and uplift various communities while enjoying a change of scenery and a break as they spend Shabbos together and return refreshed and energized.

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