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Recent Scenes at MTI

About MTI

About MTI

Missouri Torah Institute is a yeshiva high school and post high school, geared towards educating ambitious young men who are looking to excel as lomdei Torah and achieve great heights in personal growth, while receiving a college-preparatory secular education.


Our Mesorah

The legacy of the Missouri Torah Institute is rooted in the mesorah that we have been zoche to receive from our rebbe, Ha'Rav Henach Leibowitz, זצ״ל 

Our Approach

Our unique approach to chinuch is rooted in the mesorah of our rebbeim and the Torah understanding that people develop to their maximum potential when three main areas of their total well-being are engaged

Our Faculty

MTI’s faculty is comprised of remarkable rebbeim. These talmidei chachomim are Torah leaders in character and in knowledge.

Our Campus

MTI’s home is a sprawling, multi-building, sunlit campus, situated on 8.5 acres and features 120,000 majestic square feet of thoughtfully designed academic, recreational and living spaces.

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High School

We believe the healthy, intellectual challenges that students face at MTI test who they are, compelling them  to rise to the occasion and produce positive results. These outcomes become a source of pride to our students, strengthening them at their core and fueling successful futures. 

Bais Medrash

With success in developing bnei Torah with wonderful middos, accustomed to the rigor of in-depth learning, our bochurim are set to succeed in a Torahdig life. The goals we set with our talmidim for learning, personal growth and ruchnius are lifelong, and allow them to become people who will be giving and loving husbands and fathers, with a strong commitment to limud haTorah for as long as possible, as well as a sense of achrayus to the klal.

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What Parents Think

Parent of 11th Grader

We are grateful for a high school that offers incredibly strong academics in both General and Judaic studies and we feel secure that the boys are receiving the best.

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